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Saturday 12th - Squad Kumite Training 

10:00 - 12:00  

Wright Robinson Sports Village.  Abbey Hey Lane, Manchester M18 8RL 



Sunday 20th – Black Belt Course/Grading

12:00am – 2pm: Course │£10  

2pm - 4pm - Black Belt Grading

Droylsden Academy. Manor Rd, Droylsden M43 6QD

£10 – bring your licence 4th Kyu+   



Sunday 27th – Squad Training

10am – 11am Kata

11am – 12pm Fitness Training

12pm – 1pm   Kumite

Droylsden Academy. Manor Rd, Droylsden, M43 6QD

£10– bring your licence 








Sunday 3rd – 38th KYK National Championships

George H Carnall Leisure Centre, Kingsway Park, Urmston, Manchester, M41 7FJ  



Saturday 16th - Squad Kumite Training 

10:00 - 12:00  

Wright Robinson Sports Village.  Abbey Hey Lane, Manchester M18 8RL 






 Diary is subject to change 

Ken Yu Kai attend the EKF Kata Squad Training


Following on from the EKF Kumite training and BKF Championships some of our squad members had an opportunity to take part in the EKF Kata Squad training in Walsall.


The session included a lot of high intensity carido work before moving onto kata and the feedback from the coaches was that the squad members that attended worked very hard and represented the association well.


Well done to Nathan French, Niamh Hill, Georgia Murphy, Daniel Kinsey, Kenneth Leano and Lexi Sahadeo.

BKF Open International Championships 2019


This September Ken Yu Kai sent their squad to compete at the BKF Open International Championships 2019 and performed brilliantly.


The squad managed to achieve medals in 14 sections including 5 gold, 3 silver & 6 bronze medal places!


The entire squad, coaches and family members pulled together throughout the weekend to support each individual competing and it was a pleasure to be a part of the experience.


One of the most important things to mention is the growth of the squad as a whole and the work that goes on behind the scenes in preparation for the competitions we enter. The drive and passion from all members of the squad whether selected to compete or not is inspirational and there are certainly a lot of up and coming talent for the future.

KYK squad members selected to attend the EKF Squad - Regional Kumite, Barnsley, August 2019


With the associations recent return to the WKF, head coach Paul Knowles selected a small group of our best fighters in Ken Yu Kai to attend the regional squad training for the EKF squad held in Barnsley.


The chance to attend was a great opportunity for the individual karatekas who were selected and the lessons learned will also give the association an insight into how we will progress going forward with our kumite training as a whole. The members who attended did not disappoint and worked extremely hard throughout the 5 hours of training.


We are all proud of the effort and dedication they have shown while representing us in the wider karate community and are looking forward to picking up some tips at the next squad training.

Congratulations to Sensei Oli Hampson, Kenneth Leano, Nathan French and Daniel Kinsey. 

WUKF European Championships in Malta, October 2018

A massive congratulations to the Elite Squad who competed at the European Championships in Malta this October.  The squad brought home 2 GOLD, 2 SILVER & 4 BRONZE, did both Ken Yu Kai and their clubs proud.  With many of them finishing in the top 10 of their sections, they all competed galliantly in this very high profile competition. 


GOLD for the Male Veterans KATA team - Sensei Chris Baker(6th Dan - Chief Instructor Prestwich KYK), Sensei WIll Pope (5th Dan - Chief Instructor at Langworthy KYK), & Sensei Keith Leano (1st Dan - Langworthy KYK)

GOLD for Kieran Leano(1st Kyu - Langworthy KYK) in the Boys KATA 9 years section. 

SILVER for Sensei Keith Leano(1st Dan - Langworthy KYK) in Male Vets KATA section

SILVER for Mardin Rostamzada(4th Kyu - Broughton KYK) in Boys KUMITE 9 years section

BRONZE for Sensei Ste Surtess(6th Dan - Lanngworthy KYK) in Male Vets KUMTE 50+ section

BRONZE for Male Team Rotation KUMITE (Sensei Chris Baker(6th Dan - Chief Instructor Prestwich KYK), Sensei WIll Pope (5th Dan - Chief Instructor at Langworthy KYK), Sensei Ste Surtess(6th Dan - Langworthy KYK) & Sensei Keith Leano (1st Dan - Langworthy KYK)

BRONZE - Archie Caldwell(1st Dan - Langworthy KYK) in boys KATA 9 years section

BRONZEArchie Caldwell(1st Dan - Langworthy KYK) in boys KUMITE 9 years section


The Elite Squad comprised of Sensei Chris Baker(6th Dan - Chief Instructor Prestwich KYK), Sensei Will Pope (5th Dan - Chief Instructor at Langworthy KYK), & Sensei Keith Leano (1st Dan - Langworthy KYK), Sensei Ste Surtess(6th Dan - Langworthy KYK), Sensei Oli Hampson(2nd Dan - Failsworth & Droylsden KYK), Sensei Michael Power(2nd Dan - GKKC), Sensei Demi Pope(2nd Dan - Langworthy KYK), Daniel Kinsey(2nd Dan - Eccles KYK), Danny Caldwell(1st Dan - Langworthy), Hannah Frith(1st Dan - Broughton KYK), Kenneth Leano(1st Dan - Langworthy KYK), Archie Caldwell(1st Dan - Langworthy KYK), Kieran Leano(1st Kyu - Langworthy KYK), Eric Abolins(1st Kyu - GKKC), Alex Abolina(2nd Kyu - GKKC), Daniel Corbett(3rd Kyu - St Margaret's KYK), Aimee Baker(5th Kyu - Prestwich KYK).  For more photos, click here 



World Karate Championships, Dundee 14th - 19th June 2018


With a 18 strong team, Ken Yu Kai was perhaps one of the smallest squads in attendance at the World Championships this time.  With representatives from a number of our clubs across Manchester, we brought home a very respectable 3 GOLD, 3 SILVER & 3 BRONZE.  Out of 84 associations from across 41 different countries, we finished 24th on the medal table.  A huge congratulations to everyone that competed - you did yourselves and your club immensely proud. Click here for more information.

World Karate Championships in Dundee, Scotland. 

14th June - 19th June 2018


Our competitors of 18 consisted of Sensei William Pope (5th Dan - Head Squad Coach & Chief Instructor at Langworthy), Sensei Chris Baker (6th Dan - Chief Instructor at Prestwich), Sensei Ste Surtees (7th Dan - Langworthy), Sensei Oli Hampson (2nd Dan - Instructor at Failsworth & Droylsden), Keith Leano (1st Dan - Langworthy), Daniel Kinsey (2nd Dan - Eccles), Demi Pope (2nd Dan - Langworthy), Karl Boyd (1st Dan - Eccles), Nathan French (1st Dan - Prestwich), Phoebe Murphy (1st Dan - St Margaret's), Kenneth Leano (1st Dan - Langworthy), Danny Caldwell (1st Dan - Langworthy), Archie Caldwell (1st Dan - Langworthy), Maddison Williams (1st Kyu - GKKC), Keiran Leano (2nd Kyu - Langworthy), Niamh Hill (2nd Kyu - Failsworth), Samantha Kinsey (3rd Kyu - Eccles) & Mardin Rostamzada (4th Kyu - Broughton).  


A special thank you to Sensei Jack Fletcher (2nd Dan, Chief Instructor at Broughton) who refereed throughout the Championships, along with Sensei Hollie Frith (2nd Dan, Instructor at Broughton) for working as a Table Official.  An additional thank you goes to Sensei Will Pope, Sensei Chris Baker & Peter Kinsey for coaching the squad throughout the Championships. 


Everyone proved worthy of their Elite Squad place and performed brilliantly throughout the competition.  Our medal winners this time were:

GOLD - Sensei Ste Surtees (7th Dan - Langworthy) - Male Veterans 50+ Kumite

GOLD - Daniel Kinsey (2nd Dan - Eccles) - Boys 13 -14yrs 55kg - 65kg Kumite 

GOLD - Keiran Leano (2nd Kyu - Langworthy) - Boys Open Kata aged 8 yrs 

SILVER - Karl Boyd (1st Dan - Eccles) - Male Ambulatory Adapted Individual Kata Over 15 Years

SILVER - Phoebe Murphy (1st Dan - St Margaret's) Female Open Kata aged 10 yrs 

SILVER - Samantha Kinsey (3rd Kyu - Eccles) Female Open Kata aged 9 yrs

BRONZE - Male Veterans Kata Team - Sensei Chris Baker (6th Dan - Prestwich), Sensei Will Pope (5th Dan - Langworthy), Keith Leano (1st Dan - Langworthy)

BRONZE - Boys Team Kumite Under 11 yrs - Archie Caldwell (1st Dan - Langworthy), Keiran Leano (2nd Kyu - Langworthy), Mardin Rostamzada (4th Kyu - Broughton)

BRONZE - Sensei Oli Hampson (2nd Dan - Failsworth & Droylsden) - Male 21-35 years old 


All of our Kata competitors all finished in the top six of their individual sections - Sensei Chris Baker: 4th Place, Kenneth Leano: 4th Place, Daniel Kinsey: 5th Place, Maddison Williams: 5th Place & Nathan French: 6th Place.  


Some of our fighters were unlucky and didn't get through their 1st rounds, but all fought with gusto and found the experience invaluable.  Others went through into 2nd rounds and lost out on medals. Huge congratulations to you all.  Including those above; our fighters were: Niamh Hill (2nd Kyu - Failsworth, Mardin Rostamzada (4th Kyu - Broughton), Archie Caldwell (1st Dan - Langworthy), Danny Caldwell (1st Dan - Langworthy), Will Pope (5th Dan - Langworthy), Keith Leano (1st Dan - Langworthy), Demi Pope (2nd Dan - Langworthy).


For more photos and videos click here

South Tyneside Open 20th May

With an 11 strong team from Langworthy, they won a massive 21 medals; including 6 GOLD,5 SILVER & 6 BRONZE - a huge well done to you all.  For photos click here


Three Comps, One Day, 19 Medals

On the 29th April, Ken Yu Kai took part in 3 different competitions in one day across the UK. 

4 GOLD, 8 SILVER & 7 BRONZE.  Click on the location for more details.




New Dan Grades For Ken Yu Kai


We can now boast 7 new Dan grades including a new 6th Dan, one 2nd Dan and five 1st Dans, plus 6 that passed their assessment and will take the Dan grades with the next 12 months.  A huge congratulations to you all.  Click here for the full story.


New Dan Grades - 25th May 2018


Ken Yu Kai is able to boast about it's new Dan Grades. After a long 5 hours (including a 2 hour hour course), we now have a new 6th Dan - Sensei Chris Baker (6th Dan - Chief Instructor - Prestwich KYK), Sensei Oli Hampson (2nd Dan Instructor at Failsworth & Droylsden), and five 1st Dans - Hannah Frith (1st Dan - Broughton), Leonard Tsai (1st Dan - Prestwich), Mandy Moore (1st Dan - Prestwich), Jack Moore (1st Dan - Prestwich) & Kalil Aboreal (1st Dan - Prestwich).  Taking their assessments this time were 1st Kyus Lee Price (Failsworth), Brian (Droylsden), Myles Turner (St Margaret's), Madison Williams (GKKC), Chloe Cope (GKKC) & Remy Ainley (GKKC).  



 With representatives from Langworthy, Prestwich and St Margaret's clubs, Ken Yu Kai

 was able to bring home 3 Gold, 6 Silver, 6 Bronze overall.  Well done to all our medal winners and all thosethat took part.  For photos click here.

The Malta Story


Head Squad Coach Sensei Will Pope (5th Dan, Langworthy), along with Sensei Deborah Jones (4th Dan, GKKC) took a 13 strong squad over to Malta to compete at the Malta Open in March 2018.  The highly prestigious competition saw us bring home 3 GOLD, 5 SILVER & 6 BRONZE.  A huge congratulations to everyone who competed and well done to our medal winners.


SQUAD: Sensei Will Pope (5th Dan|Langworthy), Sensei Deborah Jones (4th Dan|GKKC), Demi Pope(2nd Dan|Langworthy), Jake McIntyre(2nd Dan|GKKC), Keith Leano(1st Dan|Langworthy), Danny Caldwell(1st Dan|Langworthy), Kenneth Leano(1st Dan|Langworthy), Archie Caldwell(1st Dan|Langworthy), Keiran Leano(3rd Kyu|Langworthy), Eric Abolins(3rd Kyu|Langworthy), Niamh Hill(3rd Kyu|Langworthy), Lucy Lowe(3rd Kyu|Langworthy), Alex Abolins(4th Kyu|GKKC)


Ken Yu Kai at the WUKF World Karate Championships 2016 in Dublin.  This was the largest team we have ever taken to an International competition.  With 22 competitors, we came away with 2 Golds,1 Silver and number of 10 placements.  Well done to all Elite Squad, you did Ken Yu Kai very proud.

Ken Yu Kai Publicity Video

For more photographs of the grading, please visit our Failsworth & Droylsden Club photos page

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