Posted on 12th March, 2017



Our KYK Elite squad competed at the AMA Internationals over the weekend of the 24th & 25th February.  It was a highly prestigious competition with a very high standard of competitor.  Congratulations to all the squad members that took part; we brought home 1 Gold and 8 Bronze.


Our medallists: Daniel Kinsey Gold in Kumite, Deborah Jones Bronze in Kata, Keith Leano Bronze in Kata, Jake McIntyre Bronze in Kata, Jasmine Padley Bronze in Kumite, Lexi Sahadeo Bronze in Kumite, Demi Pope 2 x Bronze in Kumite & Kiah Padley Bronze in Kumite.


Also a huge thank you to our Referees, Coaches and Table Officials, for who worked tirelessly throughout the event - they cannot happen without you - Sensei William Pope (4th Dan - Head Squad Coach), Sensei Kath Perry (4th Dan - Referee & Kata Coach), Sensei Deborah Jones (4th Dan – Squad Coach & Competitor), Sensei Jack Fletcher (2nd Dan – Referee) & Oli Hampson(1st Dan – Junior Kumite Coach).   Table Officials: Hollie Frith(2nd Dan), Lorna Kinsey, Sharon Padley & Lorna McIntyre.




Pics in order:

1) Sensei Kath Perry (Referee) & Sensei Deborah Jones (Bronze in Vets Kata),

2) Squad on the Kumite Day,

3) Kenneth Leano(1st Kyu), Archie Caldwell(1st Kyu), Nathan French(1st Dan), Kieron Leano(5th Kyu).

4) Kiah Padley(2nd Dan & Bronze in Kumite) & Demi Pope(2nd Dan & 2 x Bronze in Kumite).

5) Coaches on Kumite day - Sensei Will Pope(4th Dan - Head Squad Coach), Sensei Deborah Jones(4th Dan & Kata Coach), Oli Hampson(1st Dan - Junior Kumite Coach, Sensei Jack Fletcher(2nd Dan & Referee).

6) Jasmine Padley(1st Dan & Bronze in Kumite)

7) Girl Kumite Team - Demi Pope(2nd Dan), Kiah Padley (2nd Dan), Hannah Frith(1st Kyu)

8) Daniel Kinsey(Left) (2nd Dan - Gold in Kumite)

9) Keith Leano (1st Kyu - Bronze in Kata)

10) Table Officials (l-r) Sharon Padley, Lorna Kinsey & Lorna McIntyre
11) Demi (left) (2nd Dan - 2 x Bronze in Kumite)
12) Kenneth Leano (1st Kyu)

13) Boys Kumite Team - Nathan French(1st Dan), Archie Caldwell(1st Kyu), Kenneth Leano(1st Kyu)

14) Jake McIntyre (2nd Dan - Bronze in Kata)

15) Madison Williams (3rd Kyu)

16) Squad members and family

17) Nathan French (right) (1st Dan)

18) Squad team members and family

19) Keith Leano(1st Kyu - Bronze in Kata)

20) Samantha Kinsey (5th Kyu)

21) Sensei Deborah Jones (4th Dan - Bronze in vets Kata)



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