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Elite & Development Squad List 2018

Posted on 2nd April, 2018

9th WUKF European Championships, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

(7th - 9th April 2017)


With 54 Federations, from 26 different countries & 1821 competitors, Ken Yu Kai brought home 2 GOLD, 2 SILVER & 1 BRONZE


Both Daniel Kinsey  (2nd Dan - Eccles KYK) and Sensei Ste Surtees (6th Dan -  Langworthy KYK) are both new European Champions for 2017. Ste won GOLD in Kumite in the Shobu Sanbon Male Veterans open belt 51yr+ section  and Daniel won GOLD in his Male Mini Cadets Green to Black  13 -14yrs Kata section.


The Male Veterans Kumite Team brought home a SILVER medal in their Shobu Sanbon Male Veterans Team Kumite Rotation 36+yrs section.  The team members were Head  Squad Coach Sensei Will Pope(4th Dan - Langworthy), Sensei Ste Surtees(6th Dan - Langworthy) & Keith Leano(1st Kyu - Langworthy).


Kenneth Leano(1st Kyu - Langworthy KYK) can also boast his well earned Silver Medal from his Open Male 11yrs Kata Brown - Black section, along with  Archie Caldwell won a Bronze Medal for Boys Under 8yrs Open Kumite.  


The Elite squad members competing were Head Coach Will Pope (4th Dan - Langworthy), Ste Sutees(6th Dan - Langworthy, Demi Pope(2nd Dan - Langworthy), Daniel Kinsey(2nd Dan - Eccles), Keith Leano(1st Kyu - Langworthy), Archie Caldwell(1st Kyu - Langworthy), Kieran Leano(4th Kyu- Langworthy) & Samantha Kinsey (5th Kyu - Eccles).  Well done to you all - a fantastic performance from everyone.  Also a big thank you to Peter Kinsey(Eccles) & Mark Clarke(2nd Dan - Langworthy) for their continued support throughout the event.




9th WUKF European Championship team photo (botteom right photo) -(9L-R) Kenneth Leano(1st Kyu), Daniel Kinsey(2nd Dan), Demi Pope(2nd Dan), Kieran Leoano(4th Kyu - on shoulders), Keith Leano(1st Kyu), Ste Surtess(8th Dan), Head Squad Coach Will Pope(4th Dan), Archie Caldwell(1st Kyu) with Samantha Kinsey(5th Kyu) & Peter Kinsey (neither in Photo) 


15th Malta Karate Open 31st to 1st April 2017.
Though it was our 1st time in attendance at the 15th Edition Malta Karate Open, the Ken Yu Kai Squad in attendance, did not disappoint.  With our youngest Squad member, Brooke Woodward took it all in her stride competing in kumite in her 1st major international. Although beaten in the 1st round, it's a great start to her fighting career at just aged 5.  
Elise Proctor fought through a hard 3 rounds in her Kumite section and though she didn't medal on this occasion, she had a tough section of 39 girls.  Katie Hardman was beaten in her first round of Ippon and made it to her second round in the Sanbon.  Excellent fighting skills by both her and Elise throughout.
Jess Maitland won both Bronze Ippon and Bronze Sanbon.  The Female Kumite 18+ Team achieved Silver - a fantastic performance by Sensei Michelle Knowles, Jess Maitland & Katie Hardman. 
Sensei Michelle Knowles had fought her way into her 2nd round and sadly had to withdraw from her fight on medical advice.  Daniel Kinsey made it into his second round in his kumite and  received an injury also pulling him from fighting any further.  
In Kata, Both Sensei Michele Knowles and Katie Hardman reached the finals in both their respective sections.  Samantha Kinsey finished as the highest scoring female in her section.  Both her brother, Daniel Kinsey and Elise Proctor competed in the same section, and were knocked in the first round.  The standard was immensely high with our squad holding their own throughout.
In the pairs Kata Elise Proctor & Katie Hardman were 0.1 off 3rd place.  As Katie is now aged 16, they were placed in the adults section, competing against higher Dan grades with many more years experience.
With 20 countries in attendance and 437 competitors; our team of seven brought home 1 Silver and 2 Bronze.  A great performance by everyone and an amazing experience to take forward to their future competitions.  Well done guys.  

Centre photo - Malta Squad Back Row: Sensei Michelle Knowles(2nd Dan - Mossley), Daniel Kinsey(2nd Kinsey - Eccles), Katie Hardman(1st Dan - Mossley), Jess Maitland(1st Kyu - Mossley).

Front Row: Samatha Kinsey(5th Kyu - Eccles), Brooke Woodward(7th Kyu - Mossley), Elise Proctor(1st Dan - Mossley) & Peter Kinsey(Eccles)



Our KYK Elite squad competed at the AMA Internationals over the weekend of the 24th & 25th February.  It was a highly prestigious competition with a very high standard of competitor.  Congratulations to all the squad members that took part; we brought home 1 Gold and 8 Bronze.


Our medallists: Daniel Kinsey Gold in Kumite, Deborah Jones Bronze in Kata, Keith Leano Bronze in Kata, Jake McIntyre Bronze in Kata, Jasmine Padley Bronze in Kumite, Lexi Sahadeo Bronze in Kumite, Demi Pope 2 x Bronze in Kumite & Kiah Padley Bronze in Kumite.


Also a huge thank you to our Referees, Coaches and Table Officials, for who worked tirelessly throughout the event - they cannot happen without you - Sensei William Pope (4th Dan - Head Squad Coach), Sensei Kath Perry (4th Dan - Referee & Kata Coach), Sensei Deborah Jones (4th Dan – Squad Coach & Competitor), Sensei Jack Fletcher (2nd Dan – Referee) & Oli Hampson(1st Dan – Junior Kumite Coach).   Table Officials: Hollie Frith(2nd Dan), Lorna Kinsey, Sharon Padley & Lorna McIntyre.




Pics in order:

1) Sensei Kath Perry (Referee) & Sensei Deborah Jones (Bronze in Vets Kata),

2) Squad on the Kumite Day,

3) Kenneth Leano(1st Kyu), Archie Caldwell(1st Kyu), Nathan French(1st Dan), Kieron Leano(5th Kyu).

4) Kiah Padley(2nd Dan & Bronze in Kumite) & Demi Pope(2nd Dan & 2 x Bronze in Kumite).

5) Coaches on Kumite day - Sensei Will Pope(4th Dan - Head Squad Coach), Sensei Deborah Jones(4th Dan & Kata Coach), Oli Hampson(1st Dan - Junior Kumite Coach, Sensei Jack Fletcher(2nd Dan & Referee).

6) Jasmine Padley(1st Dan & Bronze in Kumite)

7) Girl Kumite Team - Demi Pope(2nd Dan), Kiah Padley (2nd Dan), Hannah Frith(1st Kyu)

8) Daniel Kinsey(Left) (2nd Dan - Gold in Kumite)

9) Keith Leano (1st Kyu - Bronze in Kata)

10) Table Officials (l-r) Sharon Padley, Lorna Kinsey & Lorna McIntyre
11) Demi (left) (2nd Dan - 2 x Bronze in Kumite)
12) Kenneth Leano (1st Kyu)

13) Boys Kumite Team - Nathan French(1st Dan), Archie Caldwell(1st Kyu), Kenneth Leano(1st Kyu)

14) Jake McIntyre (2nd Dan - Bronze in Kata)

15) Madison Williams (3rd Kyu)

16) Squad members and family

17) Nathan French (right) (1st Dan)

18) Squad team members and family

19) Keith Leano(1st Kyu - Bronze in Kata)

20) Samantha Kinsey (5th Kyu)

21) Sensei Deborah Jones (4th Dan - Bronze in vets Kata)




Posted on 20th February, 2017

On the 5th February 2017, The Ken Yu Kai Elite Squad, with some of the new Development Squad competed at this highly prestigious event.  Never have the stakes been so high where the over 13's can win points towards taking them forward to the UWK WORLD KARATE CHAMPIONSHIPS later this year.  To participate at that event, you have to cumulative build up your points towards your place by coming in the top 3 each time. 


Altogether we brought home 7 GOLD, 8 SILVER & 7 BRONZE.  Congratulations to all our Squad who took part and those that have won their 1st round of points.  Those under 13, will still be able to continue to compete without the need to carry your points across.






































Posted on 20th February, 2017

The Squad has been selected.  Both Elite Kata & Kumite and Development Kata & Kumite Squad members have been selected for major competitions this year.  If you are interested in trying out for a place get down to the Squad training sessions on the 1st Sunday of each month (see diary for details).  


It is an expectation for all members of the both the Elite Kata & Kumite squad to attend each training session and take part in ALL competitions selected for them.  The development will be expected to have the same commitment and attendence in all areas if the wish to progress into the main Elite Squad.


Congratulations to our new Squads and may 2017 bring you much success. Go Ken Yu Kai.